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Search tools for philosophy on the internet can be found in the Research Center. Under Course Info there are helpful guides to writing and reading about philosophy as well as a comprehensive Glossary of Terms. And visit the Academic Links section to find other great philosophy related resources.

Academics, you may also find the Research Center useful. Or visit the Published Works section to review my articles. Feel free to correspond, I've made Contact Info readily available.

For the curious, my Curriculum Vitae is on-line to read or print.

  Breaking News...

My book on ecumenical expressivism, Impassioned
, is out now.

"A politician was a person with whose politics you did not agree. When you did agree, he was a statesman."

-- Lloyd George

► "Games and Play,"
     forthcoming in Philosophy Compass.

► "Relaxing Realism or Deferring Debate?"
     forthcoming in The Journal of Philosophy.

► "Normative Certitude For Expressivists,"
     forthcoming in Synthese.

► "Internalists Relax! We Can't All Be Amoralists,"
     forthcoming in Philosophia.

General questions or comments? E-mail: mridge@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
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